Entertainment Ideas for Bucks Parties

Topless Waitresses, Strippers, Poker, Karaoke, Shooting

When you book a bucks party venue or boat with us, you have the option of adding entertainment. We’ve outlined your options below. Outcalls to private residences are also available for bucks parties.


Topless Waitresses

Waitresses/hostesses can be Topless or dressed in Lingerie. They are your entertainment and we suggest they are essential for a cheeky bucks party. At most of our licensed venues, they also provide drink service. Please refer to our bucks party Venues and Boats for pricing. For outcalls to hotels and private residences please enquire.


Female Strippers

Showgirls are R-Rated or X-Rated, Solo or Lesbian Duo Shows. All shows are nude, themed and choreographed with the buck as centre of attention. They are the highlight of the party. Please refer to our bucks party Venues and Boats for pricing on solo R-Rated Shows. For outcalls to hotels and private residences please enquire.


Poker Party

For parties at our bucks party Venues and Boats, our Lingerie & Topless Hostesses can also be Poker Dealers at no extra cost (bonus). If you would also like a professional Poker Table the price is $25 per person, including one of your hostesses as your poker dealer. For delivery to private residences please see our Poker Hire packages.



For parties at our private bucks party Venues in Sydney, we have Karaoke machines available for $15 per person. Our touch-screen jukebox style consoles have 3,500 video songs, 2 pumping speakers, 3 mics, disco lights, remote control and a TV monitor so all singers can face the group. Get the buck loose to serenade the boys.

Laser Shooting

Laser Clay Shooting

For parties on our private Boats in Sydney, we have Laser Clay Shooting available with authentic 12-gauge shotguns converted to laser. Fire at physical targets launched from the boat with realistic shotgun ‘bangs’. An awesome competitive activity to spice up a cruise without the expense of doing clay shooting in the suburbs.

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