Bucks Party Game Ideas

Do It Yourself Games

Spice up your Bucks Party with some easy to run games that you can organise yourself. We’ve listed a few popular options we have for you!

Scavenger Hunt: Get the group on a hunt for a list of pre-prepared items. If you find all items by a certain time of the night, you’ve won the privilege of punishing the buck with something of your choice.

Dare Cards: Prepare and randomly issue some dare cards to the buck throughout the night. Get each guest to write a dare.

Quote This: Give the buck a list of famous movie quotes or song lyrics to use on strangers at some point in the night. Why not!

Sign His Shirt: Get the buck to wear a plain white or grey t-shirt. Bring a dark coloured marker and get all guests and random people to sign it throughout the party. The perfect memorabilia (besides photo evidence of any shenanigans).

How Well Does He Know the Bride?: You will need to get answers from the Bride before the event. Here are some suggestions:

Where did they first make love?

Which part of her body is the bride most proud of?

Who is the bride’s celebrity crush? 

What is something embarrassing the groom has done? 

The Arm Wrestler: Dare the buck to arm-wrestle someone on the night.

Fancy That: Get the buck to ask a random lady to apply any make-up she has to him.

Talk Like That: Give everyone an accent to speak all night. If they get called out as fake by any stranger they lose until the last man stands.

Get Off the Phone: Make mobiles off-limits. Anyone caught using their phone will hand it to the buck, who has the privilege of sending a message of his choosing to a person of his choosing.

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