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Hens Party Games

Here are some Hens Game Ideas suggested by our Topless Waiters!

Drinking Games

• The girls write down their most memorable experience with the hen and the has to remember/pick who wrote what memory.
• Groom Trivia: Questions are given to the buck pertaining to how they met, favourite memory, first kiss/date, most hated habit etc. The bride has to guess what he would have answered. If she gets it wrong a drink is required or she nominates someone for it.

Physical Products

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• Bride To Be Secrets Revealed
• Bridal Shower Ball Toss Game
• Write Your Own Dare Bracelets
• Penis Hoopla/Pecker Ring Toss
• Pin the Hunk

General Fun Games

• The girls have a comp to see how far down a zucchini they can put on a condom with their mouth. Use teeth to mark?
• Similar to pass the parcel, girls use a zucchini and stand in a circle passing it to each other without utilising hands. When music stops the girl holding it has a drink or something else similar.
• Girls tie balloons around their waists to sit just above their bum. Girls are divided into teams and first girl bends over a chair/table. Second girl runs up and pops first girls' balloon with pelvis and takes first girls position and so on. First team to pop all balloons wins prize/losers take a shot