Although restrictions are easing and things appear almost normal again, the thought of hosting a party may seem a little daunting. Let’s talk about ways to throw COVID-safe birthday parties with food that will make everyone feel at ease while enjoying the socialisation that we all desperately need and crave. Here are our top COVID-safe party food ideas so that you can still enjoy tasty nibbles while sticking to social distancing protocol.

Top 4 COVID-safe party food ideas

  1. Burger boxes

Whether beef, chicken, vego or vegan, burgers are the perfect COVID-safe party food for kids and adults alike. Pre-packed in biodegradable boxes, you’ve got mouthwatering, filling and eco-friendly meals for the whole group. Serve them to people sitting down or lay them out labelled on a communal table for people to help themselves.

  1. Pizza slices

Embrace your inner Italian spirit and serve giant pizza slices at your next party. Safe from other hungry hands, pizza slices can be served on individual napkins for the ultimate social distance snack.

  1. Party packs

If you’re hosting a more formal COVID-safe birthday party, where small groups will be seated at a table, something more appropriate is required. In these cases, individual meal packs will do the trick! Whether you’re serving tasty pasta, spicy empanadas, stir-fry or chicken wings, making sure that every guest has their own meal will reduce accidental sharing and contact.

  1. Miniature versions of all the party favourites

At the end of the day, almost any food can be made COVID-safe if you serve it in bite-size form. Miniature versions of your favourite dishes are a great way to go — they’re easy to eat, and people can pick and choose what they want without having to worry about touching anything. From cupcakes to tacos, pies, croissants, fruit bowls and more, all of these classics can be made in miniature size, and they’ll still be just as delicious.

While many people naturally assume that food on sticks is another safe party option, remember to think about the best way to dispose of the sticks once the food has been eaten. The last thing you want is contaminated sticks lying around your venue!

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