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Bucks Party & Hens Night – The Movies

Get Loose invites you to two movie premieres we have supported the production of in Sydney. The films are Aussie versions of The Hangover. Bucks Party screens on Friday 27th Dec at 7pm and Hens Night screens on Saturday 28th Dec at 7pm, at Hoyts Fox Studios. There will also be a VIP preparty in Bondi from 4pm and a Massive Wrap Party after each screening in the city at the Metropolitan Hotel.

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Official Press Release

In the quest for the Christmas box office dollar two little Aussie films are going head to head against each other and the bohemeth known as The Hobbit, Part 2.

The ultralow budget films are Aussie versions of The Hangover, but instead of making one film the producers decided to make two. Bucks Party is from the guy’s perspective and Hens Night is from the girl’s.

The budget of both films is about as much as was spent on one frame of The Hobbit, that’s one twenty fifth of a second, but the producers are promising plenty of bang for your buck.

Just like The Hangover, the films focus on the bride and groom’s ‘last night of freedom’, yet director, Garnet Mae, says there’s one significant difference. “In The Hangover the guys are trying to remember what the hell happened to them, in our films you see the night unfold in all its glory.”

The films start with the buck, JJ, waking up hungover and handcuffed to a bus stop in Bronte. As he remembers the events that occurred on his bucks night he phones his fiancé to call off the wedding. He explains that when he tells her what has happened she will not want to marry him. His fiancé, Alison, informs him that she has some confessing of her own to do.

Filming has primarily taken place in locations around Sydney and local businesses dug deep to help out where they could. Hummer Limousines donated the largest pink Hummer in the world for a day and Wild Boys Afloat gave the cast and crew exclusive access to their Hens Night cruises on Sydney Harbour. Bobbi’s Pole Studio in the city gave the girls a private pole dancing class. A new website designed specifically for creating awesome Bucks Parties and Hens Nights helped to coordinate some of the crazier aspects of the film.

The films feature rising stars and comedians, with Bucks Party featuring the Aussie Wolf Pack of Gabriel Aprahamian, Connor Luck, Matt James and Damien Carr. Hens Night stars Ellen Williams, Helen Uskovic, Arisa Yura and Victoria Hopkins. Comedy veterans, Austen Tayshus and Johnny Boxer (Fat Pizza) also join the cast.

Helen Uskovic says a few of her friends were concerned about the content of the film. “Anything that you could imagine happening on a wild Hens Night is in the film and then some.” All the actors poured their hearts and souls into the project shooting long nights and doing some very bizarre things. Connor Luck says, “I’ve been vomited on, teen wolfed, made to swim at 4am in the morning and had my ass waxed by a tattoo artist all in the name of making a funny ass film and I would do it all again.”

Bucks Party and Hens Night were shot back to back in Sydney in October and November and the rush is on to finish the films for their premiere’s. “We have cinemas booked just after Christmas, so we need to have the films finished by then,” says Mae.

For tickets to the opening night and wrap party email or phone 02 8208 3395 for more info.