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Get Loose only arranges DJs for people that book an event with us. We only book DJs as part of our all-inclusive event packages at our venues and on our boats. We are not an independent DJ hire agency so if you do not have an event booked with us you can source your own DJ for your own event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a DJ cost?

Get Loose charges $600 for DJ Hire at our venues and on our boats. This includes speakers. Some boats also charge us a set-up/pre-loading fee of $200-$250 which is outlined in each respective boat hire entertainment pricing if it is applicable. This fee only ever applies to boats and not land-based venues.

Can the DJ take music requests?

If you have particular music requests please let us know in advance so we can book the appropriate DJ, otherwise the DJ will wing it! We also accept detailed song track listings.

Are speakers and lighting included with the DJ?

We ensure the boat or venue you book will have adequate sound systems for DJs, or we will provide our own speakers as part of the DJ fee if the venue or boat doesn’t have the facilities inhouse. In any case rest assure you will have speakers powerful enough for DJ quality sound. We do not provide lighting however some venues and boats have their own lighting systems (please enquire if this is important to you).

Where can we have a DJ?

Only some of our venues and boats are large enough to accommodate a DJ so please enquire with us to ensure there is space and facilities for this. Our venue profiles and boat profiles list the option of DJs for entertainment, so if you don’t see that option listed for the venue or boat you are booking this means a DJ is not an option.

Can we combine the DJ with other entertainment?

You can consider pairing your DJ with a Saxophonist or Bongo Player. See our Live Entertainment options for more info.

Can we bring our own DJ?

You are welcome to supply your own DJ at our venues or on our boats if they have the space and power requirements to accommodate DJs. Just make sure to check with us if this is possible and if your DJ needs to provide speakers, tables and any specific cables.

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