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There are so many different types of photobooths for hire these days it can be overwhelming to choose the one that suits you. They have become very popular and we’ve narrowed down some of our favourite suppliers below to help you find what works for you. They typically cost between $600-$1,200 depending on what you book. We encourage you to do your research to find a suitable option but in general they come in 2 types – printable or digital – or a combination of both. Get Loose can book photobooths for you at some of our private venues and party boats. Some boats also charge us a set-up/pre-loading fee due to logistics (which is outlined in each respective boat hire entertainment pricing if it is applicable). This fee doesn’t apply to land-based venues (only to some of our boats).

Popular Occasions: Venue Hire Sydney, Venue Hire Melbourne



Bespoke Booths, Shutterhub Booths, 360 Booths, GIF Booths, Flipbook Booths

Location: Sydney, Melbourne
Website: PhotoboothME

Snappy Photo Booths

Snappy Booths

Mirror Booth, Magnet Photo Maker, Ultra Definition Open Style, Vintage Photobooth, Traditional Photobooth

Location: Sydney, Melbourne
Website: Snappy Booths

Simple Booth

Simple Booth

Printing Photobooth, GIF Booth, 360 Photobooth, Matrix Booth

Location: Sydney
Website: Simple Booth

In An Instant Photobooths

In An Instant

Digital Halo, GIF Booth

Location: Sydney
Website: In An Instant

iCanvas Photobooths

iCanvas Booth

GIF Booth, Printing Photo Booth, Printing Photo Booth with GIF

Location: Sydney
Website: iCanvas

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