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Our karaoke machines are available for select private party venues and boats across Australia. Our touch-screen jukebox style consoles are loaded with thousands of songs, pumping speakers, microphones and a TV monitor for lyrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a karaoke cost?

Get Loose charges $300 for Karaoke Hire at our venues and on our boats. Some boats also charge us a set-up/pre-loading fee of $200-$250 which is outlined in each respective boat hire entertainment pricing if it is applicable. This fee doesn’t apply to land-based venues (only to some boats).

What does karaoke include?

Our suppliers have touch-screen jukebox style consoles with thousands of songs (old and new), pumping speakers, 2-3 mics and a TV monitor.

How doe we use the karaoke machine?

Each karaoke machine may look and operate differently. There are instructions provided for your ease of use.

Is karaoke available at any venue?

Only some of our private venues and boats can accommodate a karaoke machine due to power and space requirements, so please enquire with us to confirm availability depending on which space you are interested in booking. The option of karaoke is listed in our venue profiles and boat profiles under the entertainment options, so if you don’t see that option listed for the venue or boat you are booking this means that karaoke is not an option.

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