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Spice up your Hens Party with some easy to run games and affordable merchandise. Our Topless Hosts and Drag Queens can co-ordinate games for you if you provide us with a brief before your event. All games and merchandise are BYO so these are not provided, but we’ve listed a few popular options here for you that are short and sweet!

Popular Occasions: Hens Parties Sydney, Hens Parties Melbourne

The Memory Game

Ask the guests at the hens party to write down their most memorable experience (or secret) with the bride. The bride has to choose who wrote what (BYO pens & paper).

How Well Does She Know The Groom?

You will need to get answers from the Groom before the event. Here are some suggestions:

  • Where was their first date?
  • Where was their first kiss?
  • Where did they first make love?
  • Which part of his body is the groom most proud of? Ask the same question of the bride.
  • Which part of his body is the groom most conscious of? Ask the same question of the bride.
  • Who is the groom’s celebrity crush? Ask the same question of the bride.
  • What is the groom’s favourite food, movie and song? Ask the same question of the bride.
  • What is something embarrassing the groom has done? Ask the same question of the bride.
  • Add your own personal questions for a mild or wild experience.
Dare Cards

A cheesy but fun hens party game. Prepare and randomly issue some dare cards to the bride throughout the night. Get each guest to write a dare card. This game is best saved for the after-party where there are other people around e.g. males present.

Toss The Ball

Toss a 3 striped ball from guest to guest. Whichever stripe the guest who catches the ball has their right hand on, marks the colour card they need to select, with quiz and dare questions for the bride in 3 categories (Bridal Secrets, Revealing Truths & Hilarious Dares).

Pin The Hunk

Just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, get a large colour poster of a Hunk with cheeky cartoon units and poems.

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