How to Plan a Party

Party Planning Checklist

For a lot of us, party planning can feel like a daunting and stressful experience that we’d much rather leave to the experts. Our think-ahead steps will ensure your big bash goes off without a hitch — so you can enjoy the festivities and some quality time with your special guests.

What do you need to plan a party?

Start with a time and place

First up on the party planning checklist is selecting a venue, along with the date and time. For the best turnout, keep your calendar flexible and check in with many of your guests before sending out the invitation to ensure the chosen date works for them. We can help you find venues or boats that are available as we have direct access and strong relationships with dozens of them.

Choose your entertainment

We specialise in providing all-inclusive party packages with entertainment included if you desire. You can browse our venues and boats online with our entertainment filtering options to make it easy for you!

Choose your catering

Every venue and boat has different food and beverage options. Food can range from canape style menus to sit-down banquet meals. Beverages can range from all-inclusive drink packages, bar tabs and pay-as-you-go. You can even bring your own food and beverages on many boats if you wish. Explore your options with our catering filter options on our website.

The best way to get started

Get Loose knows the ins and outs of party planning across Australia. Read more about us and why to party with us.

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