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Adult Party Hostesses

Topless waitresses, which we prefer to refer to as ‘party hostesses’ are the most popular choice of entertainment for cheeky gentlemen’s parties at our venues and on our party boats.

Popular Occasions: Bucks Parties Sydney, Bucks Parties Melbourne, Bucks Parties Gold Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

What do topless waitresses do?

Topless waitresses are essential entertainment for bucks parties or cheeky gentlemen’s events. They are also increasingly popular for lesbian hens parties. The girls can be dressed in lingerie if you prefer a milder event. At some licensed venues the girls will serve drinks if they are RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) qualified. In the majority of events though, they are simply party hosts, so we prefer to refer to them as ‘Topless Hostesses’. Some girls will provide private ‘lap dances’ for an additional fee on request.

Can we choose our girls?

All staff are allocated by Get Loose and our suppliers. We don’t allow clients to choose staff as we are not a staffing agency, we are an events management agency providing all-inclusive party packages. If we ever offer to accept requests this does not guarantee your requests will be fulfilled – no agency can offer this guarantee. Any photos of girls published on our website are used only to provide samples of staff we have used in the past.

How much do topless waitresses cost?

Please refer to our Topless Waitress price guides listed on our boat profiles, venue profiles and party package pages.

What do the girls wear?

As the name suggests, the girls are topless, however only when they are in a private environment away from the general public. For example if they are on a boat they can only remove their tops when the vessel is away from the wharf and direct sight of public viewing. The girls do not work full-nude (they typically wear bikinis, shorts or underwear).

Can the girls wear lingerie?

If you prefer the girls to dress in lingerie that is fine, just let us know in advance so we can brief the ladies.

Can the girls come to our hotel?

Get Loose does not organise staff for outcalls to hotels and private residences. All staff rostered by us are strictly limited to attending professional business premises including licensed bars and party boats.

Can we organise our own staff?

For insurance and licensing purposes we do not allow you to bring your own event staff to licensed venues. However we will consider allowing you to bring your own girls on boats, subject to approval. If we do approve this we suggest you consider the reputation and reliability of the agency you choose to organise this with. Whilst there are some professional staffing agencies in the industry there are also some amateur business operators. We also remind you that there is no guarantee you will get the girls you choose from photo profiles.

What are the rules with topless girls?

Please respect the girls (no photos or touching). The more respectful you are to the girls the more they will enjoy themselves so everyone wins. Photos or recording of the girls is not permitted. If you ask nicely they might pose for a few photos without showing their faces, but that is up to each individual girl. If you start taking photos of the girls without consent they have the right to leave the event immediately, and there are no refunds.

What happens if the girls run late?

We have a good track record of girls turning up on time, as we book many of them weekly and have established loyalty and a good reputation in the industry. If on the occasion that a girl is running late to a boat for example, we can arrange to pick her up a little later. If any staff are late or do not show for any reason beyond our control, we’re pretty good at getting replacement staff and we will refund you the equivalent hourly fee paid to the girls if required. This rarely happens though as we have a good team. Reliability is an essential quality for any lady wanting to succeed as a topless waitress in this industry, and it’s particularly important to Get Loose as our all-inclusive event packages operate to strict schedules.

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