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On the search filters and on the boat, venue and package profiles across our website, you will see the facilities listed. This makes it easy for you to search for things like a dance floor, microphone, wheelchair accessibility and more. Below is a quick explainer of what each option means.

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Facilities Available

Dance Floor

This means there is enough space to people to dance on the boat or at the venue.

Sound System

This means there is a good quality sound system that you can use on the boat or at the venue.

TV/Presentation Facilities

This indicates there is a screen for you to either watch TV/sports or display presentations.


A microphone is available for you to use for speeches or event hosting.

Wireless Internet

You can plug in your music or other devices using WiFi or Bluetooth available.

Air Con

There is air conditioning indoors to keep you cool in the warmer weather.

Swimming Platform

There is a swimming ladder or platform on the boat to make it easy to access the water.

Wheelchair Accessible

This means there is a ramp or there are no steps so your wheelchair guests can attend the event.

Smoking Allowed

This indicates there is a dedicated smoking area for ciggies, cigars and vapes.

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