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Local expert advice, tips and ideas to help you plan a successful hens party in Sydney.

Private Hens Venues vs Shared Hens Venues – What to choose?

Published 17th January 2019


Where to start?

  • When you’re tasked with the job of planning a hens party, you’re probably feeling one of two ways – excited or stressed! It can be challenging finding something that pleases the bride and her guests. But who doesn’t like a party? This is your time to shine - show everyone you know how to throw a party!
  • Get Loose offers two types of events – private and exclusive for your group, or shared with other groups. Here are our tips to deciding what works for you and choosing the right venue.

First consider what the different options include

  • Hens packages can range from $30 per person to $300 per person. But what are you getting for that money and what are the hidden costs?
  • If you pay $30 for a basic hens party package, you probably aren’t factoring in the cost of beverages, food and transport ontop. If may be easier for you to leave that to your guests to worry about, but by the end of the night you are likely to save everyone time and money if you have an all-inclusive package.
  • Our private venues are all-inclusive of food and beverages. Some of our shared venues give you the option of including food and beverages, or just paying for the entertainment alone.

Consider the Bride

  • What does the bride like? Is she hard to please? Then you may want to design a package for her at a private venue. Is she up for anything? Then a shared venue will do the job!

Advantages of Privates Venues

  • No sharing with other groups, it’s all about your bride.
  • Our private venues are all-inclusive of food, beverages and entertainment, so you don’t need to worry about anything else.
  • More entertainment options – you have the choice of strip shows, life drawing, burlesque dancing, drag queens, a nude magician and other unique entertainment to suit your tastes – see our Private Venue options.
  • Unique experiences – no one hens party is the same when you have a private venue. Do it your own way, bring decorations and games, even theme the event with a particular style!
  • Customisable packages – you can design your own package using our Hens Venue Calculator.

Disadvantages of Private Venues

  • The atmosphere is determined by your group, so if you aren’t a wild group the venue could get a little quiet. But that's nothing our staff and some loud music can’t fix!
  • They can be a little more expensive for small groups, because you’re covering the cost of the venue and entertainment on your own.

Advantages of Shared Venues

  • They are good for small groups who want a lively atmosphere and don’t have enough people to create the vibe on their own.
  • They are usually cheaper, because you are sharing the venue with other groups.
  • They are easier to organise because the itinerary is pre-determined for you, and the price is fixed, so you don’t need to change anything.
  • Our most popular shared venues are our Hens Harbour Playhouse and Hens Wonderland.

Disadvantages of Shared Venues

  • Your experience is not unique when you’re sharing a venue with other groups, because everyone gets the same thing (not that it’s a bad thing).
  • Other groups can be annoying or steal the show!

Consider Your Guests

  • Let’s be honest, as excited as your guests are about the Hens party, everyone has their own personal commitments and most like to keep an eye on their bank balance. If you have a large group and want everyone to attend, we suggest you consider a short itinerary and a budget close to the $100 per person, as opposed to $200 per person. If you have a smaller intimate group of loyal friends, it will be a lot easier getting guests to commit to a larger budget and a more lengthy itinerary.

Find Your Options

  • Get Loose gives you a wide variety of options to consider. We aim to give you the best of what Sydney has to offer, so you can compare everything in one place without having to research various different websites.
  • Start by choosing your favourite experiences, then share them for feedback in a Facebook group, WhatsApp group, email, or whatever works for you.
  • If the Bride has direct input she can help shortlist the favourites. She may even choose the package for you and make your job a whole lot easier. Or maybe the Bride is the one organising the hens party herself, that makes things a whole easier!
  • When you’ve decided on a package, that's a big task off your shoulders and you can focus on getting your guests confirmed and the party underway!

Need more info?

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