Axe Throwing

Like Darts, But Way Better!

Experience something different, you probably haven’t tried this before! It’s like darts, but way bigger and way more serious (adults only!). There are Axe Throwing locations all across Australia for a pre-activity before you attend one of our venues or jump on a party boat.

Popular Occasions: Bucks Parties Sydney, Bucks Parties Melbourne



The first Axe Throwing joint in Oz! Maniax specialises in private sessions with your dedicated coach or ‘Axe-pert’ detailing and demonstrating both one-handed and two-handed axe throwing techniques. There are locations all across the country.

Website: Maniax

Kiss My Axe

Kiss My Axe

Get ready to enter Sydney’s most talked about experience! Once you’ve all had a chance to get some practice in, the old school hip hop n RnB tunes will begin and your coach will kick off the competition tournament with a winner announced at the end! Located at multiple locations across Sydney.

Website: Kiss My Axe

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