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Get the party started with an adrenalin rush! Choose a track near you. There’s tracks at Minto, Eastern Creek, Concord, Narrallen and Moore Park. We also have an all-inclusive Get Loose Go Karts package with a party bus and after party venue included!

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Go Karts

Get Loose Bucks Party Package

Our exclusive go karts package includes a multi-lap competition with bonus one-of-a-kind drifting session, trophy, pizza and arcade games, followed by a party bus to a venue with drinks and girls!

Packages: In The Fast Lane Sydney

Fastlane Karting

Fastlane Karting, Minto

Feeling the need for speed? Fastlane offers a fast, long-lasting, entertaining and unbeatable value go karting experience in Sydney. It’s also the only track that has karts modified for ‘drifting’ style karting. Your destination for an adrenaline-packed party.

Website: Fastlane

Spitfire Go Karts

Spitfire Go Karts, Concord

Unleash your inner racer at the ultimate destination for indoor go-karting. The exhilarating track design will offers the ultimate test of skill and precision with heart-pounding thrills.

Website: Spitfire

Eastern Creek Karts

Eastern Creek Karts

The only track with 13HP Sodi RT8 karts, renowned for their exceptional speed of up to 100km/h, promising an adrenaline rush akin to that of a racing car. The karts are equipped with high-grip tires for genuine g-forces and the racetrack is crafted using Boral’s finest bitumen, offering an authentic racing simulation.

Website: Eastern Creek Karts

Ultimate Karting

Ultimate Karting, Narrallen

This 3,745sqm indoor go-karting venue ensures the fun never stops whether it’s raining, hailing, or shining outside. The track is 450m x 6m wide with a layout offering super-fast sections and heart-pounding corners at speeds exceeding 60km/h.

Website: Ultimate Karting

Hyper Karts

Hyper Karting, Moore Park

Hyper Karting is Australia’s longest indoor electric go-kart track. The RiMO electric karts imported Germany are undeniably fast and deliver instant torque. Get ready for a thrilling ride with high-tech handling and evenly-distributed battery weight, and keep track of your performance with live racer stats displayed throughout the race.

Website: Hyper Karting

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