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Get your party started with a bang! Choose a field near you, indoors or outdoors. There’s locations at Concord, Rockdale, Camden and Yarramundi. We also have an all-inclusive Get Loose Paintball package with a party bus and after party venue included!

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Get Loose Bucks Party Package

Our exclusive paintball package includes an action packed paintball experience, followed by a party bus to a venue with drinks and girls!

Packages: Take Him Out Sydney

Spitfire Paintball

Spitfire Paintball, Concord

An exhilarating indoor paintball skirmish experience, Spitfire offers a custom Urban Warfare environment featuring authentic Police cars, a bank, buildings and street settings. The battles are as epic as they come, whether you’re taking on the role of bank robbers, seizing control of houses or engaging in intense sieges.

Website: Spitfire

Die Hard Paintball

Die Hard Paintball, Rockdale

Die Hard Indoor Paintball is one of Australia’s premier indoor paintball facilities, boasting two levels of action. The entire arena is interconnected by bridges, runways and platforms creating a uniquely immersive 4-dimensional battleground. Located just 10km to the south of Sydney’s CBD.

Website: Die Hard

Ultimate Paintball

Ultimate Paintball, Camden

With a vast selection of over 14 themed outdoor battlefields you can storm the airfield, launch an attack on the beachhead, engage in trench warfare, fight your way to the life-size helicopter, dominate the village, or embark on a mission to take down hordes of zombies in a chilling graveyard!

Website: Ultimate Paintball

Action Paintball

Action Paintball, Yarramundi

Action Paintball offers more battlefields than you can play in a single day! Picture massive forts, sniper towers, bridges, tunnels, Sup’Air and Hyperball competition fields, the largest paintball castle in the country and several exciting jungle battlefields. Many of the outdoor battlefields are multi-level, so you need to watch not only left and right but also up and down.

Website: Action Paintball

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