Nude Drawing

Naughty Life Drawing Classes

Life Drawing aka Nude Drawing classes will keep the ladies entertained. Pencils in one hand, bubbly in the other, all eyes on your nude male model! Available at our venues.

Popular Occasions: Hens Parties Sydney, Hens Parties Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nude drawing workshop?

Your male model will come prepared with drawing pads and pencils, take position for your group to sit around and host a cheeky drawing class as he strips nude. Your model is also your workshop co-ordinator. When they aren’t busy doing workshops they are either stripping or doing topless waitering gigs, so they have hot bods – we don’t do daggy Dad bods! The duration is approximately one hour.

Can we choose our model?

All models are allocated by Get Loose and our suppliers.

How much does it cost?

Please refer to our Nude Drawing price guides listed on our venue profiles and party package pages.

Can the model come to our home or hotel?

Yes, check our our Mobile Hens Workshops Package.

What are the rules with nude drawing models?

We ask that you do not take photos.

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