Water Activities

Water Toys For Hire

Some boats give you the option of water toys for hire, including floating mats, stand-up paddle-boards, a floating pool, floating lounge and even a water slide! Explore your options.

Popular Occasions: Boat Hire Sydney, Boat Hire Gold Coast

Catamaran Sydney 10

Floating Mat (Lilypad)

The most popular water toy and best value for money for a Summer water activity.

Popular Boats: Catamarans & Yachts (Sydney & Gold Coast)

Luxury Yacht Sydney 6J

Stand-Up Paddle Boards

A good value for money solo water toy for the adventurous spirits.

Popular Boats: Catamarans & Yachts (Sydney & Gold Coast)

Party Cat 6

Floating Pool

Get wet with this inflatable group water toy.

Popular Boats: Zeus Sydney

Party Boat Sydney 3G

Air Lounger

Take your drinks to the water on this unique lounging water toy.

Popular Boats: Cheeky Monkey Sydney

Water Slide Sydney Harbour

Water Slide

Go all out and make a splash! Price on request.

Popular Boats: John Oxley Sydney, Barefoot Blue Sydney

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