Venue Profile // The Harbourside Loft

At a Glance

• A spectacular waterfront venue overlooking the beautiful Darling Harbour.
• You have a private and exclusive room, 3 storeys high with 180 degree views of the harbour and city skyline.
• There is a public outdoor balcony downstairs on Level 2 under your private loft.
• The capacity is 35-40 people max.
• An optional 3-Course Dinner is available on the ground level.
• The After-Party at this venue includes a Reserved Area & Complimentary Drink for each guest at a popular waterfront nightclub next door.

The Harbourside Loft is exclusive to Get Loose Parties. See Photos of this venue in action.

Beverage Packages

• Unlimited Champagne, Sangria Jugs, Red & White Wine, Water, Juice & Soft Drinks. (min 10 ppl)
• Packages are 2.5-3 hours in duration.


Platter Menu included:

Fromage Board:
- A selection of hard and soft cheese local and from overseas.
- Includes Spanish Blue (Valdeon) Local Cheddar and French Brie (Gratin Dauphinois) served with Lavoche, Sourdough, Grapes, Strawberries, Dried Fruits drizzled with Truffled Honey.

Mariners Mess:
- Crustacean delights of local Prawns (Crystal Bay), Tasmanian Oysters (St Hellens), Atlantic Smoked Salmon, King Fish Ceviche and Sashimi with Lavoche, Sourdough, Marie Rose Sauce, Champagne and Eschallot Vinegar and Wakami Salad.

Posh Meats:
- Cured Meat display of Smoked NSW Soccer Ball Ham, Italian Salami and Black Forrest Prosciutto, served with Crispy Grissini/Sourdough Rockmelon and stunning house made Tomato Relish.

Optional French Fries or Wedges: Are also available as a Hot Food Filler Item @ $35 per bowl (each bowl provides a light snack for 8-10 people).

Optional Hot Canape Menu upgrade (extra $25pp) includes the Platter Menu PLUS the following:

- House Marinated Tandoori Chicken Skewers with Minted Yoghurt served with Lemon Wedges and on a Banana Leaf.
- Extra-Large Marinated Tiger Prawn Lolly Pops (local) Char-Grilled with Yum Cha Sauce Lemon Wedges and on a Banana Leaf.
- Marinated Honey and Soy Eye Fillet Skewers with a Peanut and Chilli Satay Dipping Sauce, served with Lemon Wedges and on a Banana Leaf.
- Rocking Pumpkin and Coriander Arancini Balls with Chilli Aioli Dipping Sauce garnished with Fresh Herbs and a Chilli Aioli.

Optional 3 Course Dinner Menu upgrade (extra $25pp) replaces the Platter Menu with the following:

Entrée (shared):
- Pumpkin & Coriander Arancini Balls with Mesclun and Balsamic Glaze.
- Tempura Flathead with Bonito Flakes, Wasabi Aioli and Lemon Wedges.
- Tandoori Chicken Skewers with Baby Cos, Minted Yoghurt and Lemon Wedges.

Mains (shared):
- Marinated Barossa Chicken Breast with house made Mushroom Sauce.
- Bindaree Scotch Fillet with a Smokey BBQ Sauce.
- Filo Sweet Potato & Feta Snail.

Sides (shared):
- Basil Chilli Garlic Chips.
- Pancetta & Horseradish Potato Salad.
- Heirloom Tomato Basil & Bocconcini Salad.

- Classic Pavlova with fresh Seasonal Fruit.

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